Thanksgiving dinner-11/25/2022

Table set up/Starter & Soup Thanksgiving dinner The kitchen


Table set up

This year we have Hoa's siblings and nieces from France and Boston coming to stay with us before attending Kevin & Kristie's wedding.

Thanksgiving dinner is an American tradition and this will be the first for them to experience what is a Thanksgiving dinner.

We are also are having Alice and Mark together with Cheryl and Cubbie that drove all the way from Los Angeles to jopin us for dinner.

This cupboard is located in the hallway just at the entrance of our house and I always decorated according to each season and event.

Here is the decorated cupboard with the fall theme.


Colorful pumpkins are brought out for the occasion


Table set up with colorful fall leaves and glass pumpkins.


Close look at part of the centerpiece.




Table overview.


Buffet Set up

Setting up the the Buffet station for all the side dishes. 


It is set up and now all I need to do is to reheat all the dishes and fill up the serving plates.


While waiting for our guests we are taking a group picture.

Tutu (from Boston), Cang, Helene, Chi Be, and Catherine from France.


Trang in the bottom.


Ready for Dinner

Everyone is here and we are starting the evening with some wine.



Trang, Helene, Chi Be, Cang, Hoa, Annie, Kevin, Kristie, Cheryl with George, Cubbie, Mark, and Alice.


Ready for everyone to sit down.





Starter and Soup

Starter: on the left is a crab salad on Endive, and a truffle oil infused egg custard.

This not a traditional Thanksgiving dinner but I wanted something light and yummy to start our meal.


Next is a butternut squash soup with crouton and whipped cream.


This is a very flavorful soup and everyone seems to enjoy it.




NEXT....Thanksgiving dinner

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