University of California, Berkeley-10/16/10

UC Berkeley

Tour continuation

Lunch in Berkeley

Dinner chez Loan/Minh


The tour lasted from 10:00AM to 11:45AM and so we met up with Tiffany and Andrew at the main entrance.  Tiffany and Andrew are freshman at UC Berkely.  Both of they started in September so it only been about a month since they have been at UC Berkely.  We are also meeting up with Jason, Nancy and Sam.  Jason lives in Oakland and Berkeley is about 10 minutes from their house.  We are also meeting with Chris, Hoa's intern.  Chris is sophomore at UC Berkeley.

Meeting up with Tiffany and Andrew.


We wanted to have French food at La Note but the restaurant was so busy that we settle down for a Thai restaurant across the street on Shattuck avenue.

Here Sam is sitting on the table!  Too cute!



Sam sitting in his high chair watching his dad eating....


Chris, Andrew, Kevin, Tiffany, Me, Jason holding Sam and Hoa.


Same picture with Nancy and without Hoa.

After lunch we drove home and tonight we are invited to Loan/Minh's house for a dinner party.

Next... Dinner at Loan's and Minh's



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