Dinner chez Loan/Minh-10/16/10

UC Berkeley

Tour continuation

Lunch in Berkeley

Dinner chez Loan/Minh

Today we have a full schedule!  the morning and mid day are spent in Berkeley and then in the evening we are invited to dinner at Loan's and Minh's house in Castro Valley.  Castro valley is about 40 minutes from our house. Since Castro Valley is not next door we decided to car pool together with Tuan/Hanh and Tuan. 

  Loan and Minh are the  host but Maily is the main chef for the evening!  For sure we are going to have a good meal!

A large and inviting assorted cheese arrangement waiting to be eaten....


More appetizers...

Cheese and grapes.

Maily in the kitchen...

Loan and Maily ready to pour some white wine into the large tray of sea bass.

Loan did a wonderful job setting up the table!

Grilled lamp chop!   This is supposed to be an appetizers but we decided to eat it as a 1st course. 

Roasted corn soup with shrimps - Delicious!

Roasted sea bass with crusted nuts on a bed of rice pilaf!

Tonight Spencer was the only kids so he ate with us!

Huyen and I

Thuy and Muy

Standing: Muy, Hanh, Loan, Thuy, Maily, Carol

Me, Huyen and Ky

We are just having a ball here!



Our house


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