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A birthday celebration for Maily- 8/18/12

Table set up The guests Dinner Gifts Behind the scene


Desserts and coffee are served and our meal is now officially over!  Here we are just taking a quick breather in between.



Maily opening the first gift from Loan and Minh!

A beautiful silk top from St. John

WHAT... a Louis Vuitton gift?  We are all excited to see what it is....

Maily taking her sweet time to open the gift... the suspense is killing us!



Very nice and practical bag called "Never full" from Phuc and Huyen.

Hanh and Tuan got for Maily the best Tequila bottle from Tres Generacions!

We already planned a Bobby Flay meal so we can open this bottle and share it with everyone.


Last gift of the evening... Hoa and I we got Maily a pair of chandelier earrings and necklace.


Fun... a lots of fun....

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