....at home

A birthday celebration for Maily- 8/18/12

Table set up

The guests



Behind the scene


It is 6:30PM and it is time to start the party!  Our friends are very punctual because we want to spend as much time as possible during the course of the evening.

The first guests of the evening: Loan and Huyen

The birthday girl is here!  we are greeting her warmly!


Maily surrounded by Nicky, Austina, Minh, and Tuan...


Maily and Austina

Hanh and Loan


All the ladies: Loan, Hanh, Maily, Huyen and I starting the evening with a great glass of champagne

Hanh and Hoa

Tuan opening the 2nd bottle of Champagne


Kevin and Kristie

Kevin, Kristie, Austina, and Nicky.


All the kids together:Kevin, Kristie, Austina, Nicky, and Spencer

Sitting down for Dinner

Minh and Loan

Huyen and Phuc

Hanh and Tuan

Tuan and Maily

I set up a special table for the kids so they are more comfortable amongst themselves.


and let's not forget Rocky who is resting comfortably on the floor.....

Next.. Dinner



Our house


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