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A birthday celebration for Maily- 8/18/12

Table set up The guests Dinner Gifts Behind the scene

Behind the scene

Quick overview on what is going on in the kitchen before the dishes made it our guests.

Here I am putting together the trio of amuse bouche.  Piping the crème fraiche over the tuiles....


Plates are laid out on the counters... I had 10 adults and 5 kids so platting is not that easy!

Close look at the tuile  with salmon tartar and crème fraiche.


Final presentation and that's how the amuse bouche was served.


Here I am working on the oysters and pearls with red caviar.

Spooning the sabayon first and then adding the Beurre monté sauce and oysters.


Final presentation..



Adding the haricot verts on top of the tomato confit, adding the arugula, spooning a bit of olive oil and tomato oil around the plate.

Adding the claw lobster meat for the final presentation...


Spooning a bit of enriched orzo onto each plate.  Adding a lobster tail on each plate and pouring the creamy lobster broth around it.


A whole lobster tail is centered in the dish.

A piece of Parmesan  crisp is put on top of lobster... Ready to be served.

The oxtail meat are served as base.

The fish is pan fried until golden.

Small portion of fish is put on top of the oxtail meat.

Adding the trumpet mushrooms for garnish.

The sauce is added and voila the dish is ready to be served.


Cutting the dough into small circular shape.


Frying the doughnuts.


Dipping the donuts into sugar and cinnamon.


Putting the 3 desserts together....



Final presentation...


And that my friend is the end of my service! Cheers to a great meal!

and... Happy Birthday Maily!

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