Hoa's Birthday and Pakalolo-5/15/2021

The set up Appetizers/Guests Dinner Desserts/Pakalolo/Poker Behind the scene

Over the years I cannot remember ever throwing Hoa a big birthday party!  He has been insisting on not having a birthday party or big celebration and always said that there is nothing to celebrate.  Hoa prefers to have a quiet dinner just with the two of us and with Kevin when he was still living at home.

However, this year Hoa wanted to have friends over to celebrate his birthday and also to spend a memorable evening surrounded by friends and good food.  To make the party even more interesting  Hoa decided we should include pakalolo in the mix so everybody will be happy and relax after a few puffs.

The set up-outdoor

I told everyone that we will start the evening in our backyard so Hoa spent a lot of time figuring out the best layout so all the guests have room to move around freely.


There are going to be 16 guests so Hoa arranged the benches behind the dining table so all the guests have room to stand around the dinning table and mingle.


Seating and lounging area.


View from the seating area toward the end of the fence.

This whole area is for our guest to mingle.


The Set up - Indoor

Inside the table is set up for 16 people.


I used my spring design plates to create a cheery mood.


Individual name tags are printed!


I  inserted the silverware into a folded napkin and added a sprig of Lavender on top for decoration.


I made 3 flowers arrangements because the table is really long.  I selected roses, carnation and Peruvian Lily all in a variation of pink.

In the center is a large flower arrangement and two smaller arrangements on the left and on the right.


Table overview.


More decorations on the table.


I used fresh pine branches to create the base and added different size and shape of candles.  Since we are having Pakalolo I wanted a create a outdoor, woodsy feel.


Individual plate setting with napkins, and name tag.


Between each place setting, I placed and envelope with a menu inside.



Inside the envelope is the menu that can be seen in the center.


Envelope for each couple

Inside the card.


The front of the menu card with Pakalolo watercolor drawing.


This is the inside of the menu, top portion with Birthday's watercolor drawings and wishes.


The menu


Some of our guests arrived and they are led to our backyard (you can see them in the background).  This the view from our table looking toward the backyard.


Ready to mingle....


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