Celebrating my Retirement and Father's day-6/182022

Table set up/Amuse bouche 7 course dinner & desserts Food prep/platting


We have been travelling for 5 weeks and I have not seen our friends in a while so tonight it is a good occasion to get together to celebrate my retirement and also Father's day.

Table is set up for 12, menu is printed out and flowers are arranged.


Table overview


It is summer so choose bright colors to decorate my table.


Dishes with summer design are brought out to cheer up the table.




Flowers are from my garden.


Wine glasses are set up.


Tonight I wanted a light menu with lots of vegetables.


We are going to have 2 amuse bouche, 7 course menu, and 3 desserts.



The flowers turned out to be pretty colorful and cheerful.


A few of my flower arrangements.


More flower arrangements....


Amuse Bouche

Amuse bouche are set up!


Toasted English muffins with olive oil, Foie gras with coarsely grounded peppercorn, Prosciutto, and diced fresh tomatoes with garlic, and olive oil.


Figs are back in season I just simply Pan seared them and they were delicious.

Set up is done!


Time to eat!

Mark and Alice brought the ultimate Junmai Daiginjo sake from Born, “Dreams Come True” for the special occasion


Happy Father's day to Minh, Tuan, Phu, Mark, Trung, and Hoa.

It also help that the warriors won the 2021-2022 championship and we were all so happy!

Also worth mentioning that in 2008, the prime minister of Japan presented this bottle of Sake of “Dreams Come True” to President Obama to celebrate his election. 

We are presidential worthy!  Note that this bottle is impossible to get but Mark was able to order a bottle in Sacramento.

You can also read how a local rice wine became a gift to Presiden Obama- READ HERE


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