Celebrating my Retirement and Father's day-6/182022

Table set up/Amuse bouche 7 course dinner & desserts Food prep/platting


There is a lot of work to prepare 2 amuse bouche, 7 course menu, and 3 desserts.  The goal is to do all the preparation ahead of time so by the time the guests arrive, I only have to plate and a bit of cooking.

This is first dish: Hamachi Carpaccio, cucumber consommé, Salmon caviar.  All the components are ready so all I need to do is to plate, pour the cucumber consommé, and scoop the caviar on top.


Final presentation


Course 2- the tomatoes are cut ahead of time, the sauce are prepared and I all I need to do is to put the dish together.


First the sauce is spread out at the bottom of the dish, the tomatoes are layered on top, adding the crispy bread, the cod liver...


Adding a bit of olive oil and the dish is ready to be served.


Final presentation.


Course 3 - All the vegetables are roasted and I am now spreading the baby bell peppers into 3 serving bowls.



Adding roasted beets and yam.  Mixing the endive with the balsamic vinaigrette before putting them inside the bowl.


I am still missing a few more ingredients in the center of the plate..


Ha is helping me fried the Rillettes outside.  It was a bit windy today that's why I have to wear a coat because I have to go in the backyard.

Adding the green aioli on each plate while waiting for the remaining rillettes before serving

Adding the balsamic vinaigrette on each roasted vegetable bowls.


Putting on the final touches.


Final presentation.


Final presentation for the fried Rillettes.


Preparing an oiled pan for the 5th course: pan seared dumplings.


Re-heating the pan seared eggplant (Far left) and adding the soy/oyster sauce into the pan before it is ready to be served.

In the center and on the right I am using 2 pans to cook the dumplings.  They have to be crispy so I cannot cramp them into 1 pan.

Loan giving me hand...


The dumplings and eggplants are ready and are platted.


Working on adding a few more ingredients on the dumplings.


Crispy garlic sauce is added on top of the dumplings.


Done with the garlic chili sauce.


Adding lots of chive on top and it is ready to be served.


Adding more basil on top of the eggplant and it is also ready to be served.


Ha helping me fried the 6th course: minced prawns and scallops.

Hanh recommended this fryer and this is the first I am using it and I love it.  Really easy to use.


Ha making sure the minced praws/scallops are golden brown.


Final presentation.  I added the skewers and a bit of wasabi mayonnaise to the plate.


Last course!  Hoa will put on the grill a few things.


Hoa adjusting the heat...


Pork cheeks, chicken hearts, and chicken gizzards.


Hoa and Ha having fun...


The meat is done!


While Hoa is grilling in the backyard, I am setting 3 wooden trays for the final dish.


Adding Mojo Verde sauce on each bowl.


The pork cheeks are done.


I am cutting the pork cheeks while Ha is platting the chicken hearts and gizzard into each wooden tray.


Adding the sliced pork cheeks on each tray while Ha is adding the French Fries.


Almost done...


Final presentation.


Once dinner is over, the ladies helping me clean the dishes and Hoa is also helping!


On to desserts...


Bringing all the desserts out and ready to eat!


Thanks everyone for landing a hand with platting and cleaning.  Thanks for Alice for taking pictures of the evening, I am too busy and could not do it.

Happy retirement to me and Happy Father's day to all the dads!


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