Celebrating my Retirement and Father's day-6/182022

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7 course dinner & desserts

Course 1: Hamachi Carpaccio cucumber consommé, radish, and Salmon caviar.


A light, fresh, and summary dish with vibrant colors.  The cucumber consommé is salty with a hint of lime juice is real refreshing, the Hamachi is delicious with a bit of crunch from the radishes and a burst of flavors from the Salmon caviar.





Course 2: Local assorted Heirloom tomatoes, crispy bread, tonnato sauce, chives, and cod liver.


I had this dish at Routier and fell in love with the sauce.  I absolutely love it that I am recreating it for our friends but adding the cod liver.


Absolutely flavorful and all of our friends really enjoyed this dish.


Course 3:Fried homemade pork rillettes with green aioli. A rillettes is a classic dish where a piece of shoulder and pork belly are slow-cooked submerged in duck fat and then shredded.

Here I took the rillettes and rolled them into panko and fried them.  This is the first time I am making it and they turned out to be okay but I definitely like croquette better.



Course 4: Roasted baby bell peppers, beets (yellow and gold), red onion, yam, endive, served with a balsamic vinaigrette.

When you roast the vegetables they come out so sweet and yield do much flavors.  A really simply but delicious plate of vegetables.

The colors are also so vibrant!


Course 5: Pan seared vegetable, beef, pork dumplings with crispy garlic chili and chives.

I have this dish at Rich Table and when it was brought out to the table we all thought it would be ultra spicy with all the chili sauce on top and to our surprise it was not spicy at all but it was full of flavors.

I went home and remember that Alice and Mark introduced us to the crunch garlic in chili oil and I knew could make this dish at home.

All of our friends loved this dish and I am glad I was able to cook it at home.


I also served a plate of pan seared eggplant with soy sauce and basil to go with the dumplings.

This is one of my favorite way to prepare eggplant.


Course 6: Fried minced prawns and scallops mixed with perilla and seaweed/sesame sprinkle served with wasabi mayonnaise.

This dish was inspired by Nobu and we all like the texture of the perilla and seaweed/sesame sprinkle really gave it a nice aroma.


For the 7th course we have to put the grill on so while Hoa is grilling, the group is enjoying lively conversation.


Hoa working on the grill.


Pork cheeks, chicken hearts , and gizzards are on the grill.


Hoa working on the grill.


Support for Ha.


Course 7: Grilled pork cheeks, hearts, gizzards served with mojo Verde sauce and Crispy French Fries.


Simply delicious!  I love this sauce, it is velvety from the avocado, the nice herbal taste from the parsley, and a tang from the lime juice and it perfect with grilled meat.


I also served sautéed shitake and king mushrooms as a side for the grilled meat.



Desserts table


We have panna cotta with macerated strawberries in wine and sugar, apple cake, Cheese cake Alsatian style, and Hanh brought a platter of Chom Chom (Rambutan).


Homemade Apple cake


Chom Chom

Cheese cake Alsatian style


Wonderful evening with friends! The food was a hit and nobody complained that I served too much food tonight.  We drank 2 bottles of champagne, white wine, and a few bottle of red wine but we were having so much fun that we forgot to take a picture of all the wine.

Now that the meal is over, you can take a look at how the dishes are platted and served.


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