Celebrating Phuc's Birthday at the Table - 2/2/13

The Table

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Main Course

I ordered the braised beef cheeks served with glorious (not-too-sweet) pickled beets and a mild buttermilk horseradish dressing.

We were all a bit surprise that the braised beef cheeks did not come with the sauce that the meat was braised in and that's where all the flavors are concentrated in.

Personally I did not really care of the buttermilk horseradish dressing but the meat by itself was tasty and had a very good texture.

The 2nd thing that did not work in this dish is the arugula!  It was overly salty.   I whish they would dress the arugula with a vinaigrette with some acidity such as lemon or orange.

Loan ordered the Ling cod , lightly coated in flour and pan seared, arrived on a bed of celery root served with lentils, and parsley salad.

I did not taste it but Loan said the fish was pretty good!

Hoa ordered the Lamb sirloin with potato pave and pickle cauliflower.

This is the best dish of the evening.  The lamb was perfectly cooked and it was very tasty morsel of meat.

Hanh ordered the San Jose veal Shank, with stewed pork and beans

I was too full so I did not taste it and I can't remember the verdict on this dish but it does look appetizing!


Upside down pineapple cake with cherries and caramelized nuts.



Sugar dusted Ricotta doughnuts

These ricotta doughnuts are tasty that we have to re-order another plate.

They served the ricotta doughnuts with a lemon sauce which I did not care for.  The doughnuts by themselves are perfectly fine.

Of course ending a meal with a cup of hot coffee is a must!
Desserts taste a lot better with a hot cup of coffee.

The Table is big on using local produce so their coffee came from Santa Cruz.

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