Celebrating Phuc's Birthday at the Table - 2/2/13

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Sharing Appetizers

Once the appetizers are ordered, they brought out the bread and to our surprise they served Acme Bread which is our favorite bread.  Right away we know we are going to have a good meal starting with the best bread in town.

Friendly sever going around and serving us warm epi bread!




The next thing they brought out is a dollop of lightly salted ricotta and a beautiful, grassy olive oil.

Delicious with warm epi bread


Brian the general manager came our table and asked Phuc what type of wine he would like for the evening.

Phuc told him that tonight we are celebrating his birthday and Nicky's Birthday and he would like to have wine and champagne dated "1995" (Nicky's Birth year).

Brian said he would go back into his cellar and see what he do.


a few minutes later, Brian came back and offered us a 1995 bottle of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin La Grand Dame Champagne and two bottles of 1995 Château Pape Clément.

Phuc right away said" "WOW the 1995 Veuve Clicquot has a 100 points rating! 

At this point we all thinking in our head "100 points" = $$$  - BIG SILENCE!!  Not a word was said but I am sure we are thinking there is no way we are going to pay for 100 point champagne! - NO CHAMPAGNE!

But Phuc looked at Brian and said: " Great wine, LET'S OPEN THEM BOTH (champagne and Château Pape Clément)."

 WOW!  What just happened here?  Best champagne with a perfect score!  CHA-CHING!  $$$$$ - Oh well let's live large!

Champagne is opened and Brian is pouring for everyone.

We are toasting "happy birthday" to Phuc and Nicky!

More toasting and then we found out the truth!

To make a long story short it turned out Phuc knew all along that we were going to surprise him and he turned the table on us by taking us by surprise!

Phuc stopped by the the restaurant at 4:00PM and dropped off the wine, the Sauternes, and the Champagne so that they are properly chilled. 

It makes totally sense now right?  Expensive wine? it got to come from Phuc.

   Now we understand why he does not even ask for the price of the champange and the wine,  all he said was OPEN THEM BOTH (because all of it belong to him).

Then he pretended to be surprised to see us at the restaurant but in fact the SURPRISE WAS ON US!  We had no Clue!
He got us good that's for sure.


We decided the order 3 types of appetizers to share.

The first one is Grilled quail with blood orange and parsnips puree.



The quail was very good, it has a nice grilled flavor!



We ordered 4 plates to share but the bone marrow disappeared too fast so we ordered four more ... and again it was gone in a flash!

We all thought the dish was pretty good, not as good as Phuc's bone marrow but it was a good second.

We ordered so many bone marrow that the Chef send out a few more plates on the house!


Phuc purposely brought a bottle of 1990 Château Suduiraut sauternes just for the bone marrow.

We drank most of the bottle and gave whatever is left (no much) to Brian (the general manager) so that he can share it with the chef.


Our 3rd appetizer is the 12 hour pork belly roasted with maitake mushroom and wasabi emulsion.

We had mixed review on this dish.  I liked it and a few people think it was jus okay!

That the end of our appetizers, let's move on to the main dish.

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