Celebrating Phuc's Birthday at the Table - 2/2/13

The Table

Appetizers Main course/Desserts Wine & gifts


The Wine, courtesy of Phuc

Incredible wine for the evening, all courtesy of Phuc.

When the wine was brought out we should have known better that it was from Phuc, especially the two bottles of Chateau du Pape Clement.  The Table is not sophisticated enough to carry these bottles in their inventory!

Hoa is not big on white wine but he enjoyed this Kistler tremendously!

I noticed that my glass was empty but I did not remember drinking the whole thing... well, as turned away to chat, Hoa did a switch and gave me his empty glass.

1995 Château Pape Clément is a Bordeaux wine from the Pessac-Léognan appellation, ranked among the Grands Crus Classé for red and white wine in the Classification of Graves wine of 1959. It is the oldest wine estate in Bordeaux, harvesting its 700th vintage in 2006.

1995 La veuve Clicquot Champagne

1990 Château Suduiraut sauternes

2 bottles of Château Pape Clément and 1 bottle of Kisler Sonoma Mountain

The wine we drank during the course of the evening!


Opening the gifts!

Opening the first gift... a sweater!


We had so much... lots of laughter during the course of the meal. 

In front of us is a communal table -first come first serve.


More gifts.. more sweaters.


the last two gifts of the evening:  Phuc also got a bottle of Grgich Hills wine and a bottle of champagne!


Happy birthday Phuc and Nicky!

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