Surprise birthday Party/Valentine day -2/14/09

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The food

Hanh and Tuan went to Bistro Jeanty in Yountville last Saturday and they like the soup so much that they are recreating the soup for us tonight!

We started the first course with a roasted tomato soup in puff pastry (crème de tomate en croûte). 

Beautiful presentation of the soup!

Underneath the puff pastry is a rich and tasty roasted tomato soup.

Tuna tartare with heirloom tomato in a blend of Japanese sauce.  This is Dung's signature dish.  The tuna was so fresh and the sauce was perfectly balanced.  Note: this picture was taken before Dung poured in the sauce.

Pan seared scallops with mixed green salad specially prepared by Maily.

Braised Oxtail with winter vegetables specially prepared by Phuong.

The oxtail was excellent!

Parppadelle served in a mushrooms ragout prepared by Maily!




Birthday cake by Fleur de Cocao in Los Gatos. 

This cake is called a Satin - A creamy yet light white chocolate mousse with brandied raspberries, ladyfinger sponge cake, and soft Italian meringue!


View of the dessert table

Hanh prepared a beautiful plate of Poached Pears in wine served with a raspberry sauce and drizzled with chocolate

On top of the picture is a tray of red velvet cup cake baked with love by Ryan.

A tray of strawberries dipped in semi sweet chocolate and then drizzled with white chocolate.

I made this dessert for the kids because they like it and this is also perfect for Valentine!


Blowing the candles...

The candles are lit up...

Making a wish!

Blowing the candles!

Thank you everyone for making this such a memorable evening!

Next....opening the gifts



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