Surprise birthday Party/Valentine day -2/14/09

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While waiting for dinner to be served we hang around with a few appetizers and champagne.

Doan and Tuan enjoying a glass of champagne

Phuong and Dung are the hosts for the evening!

Phuong and Dung demonstrating the new cha cha cha steps that we just learned from our ball room dancing lesson.

Lots of fun...

Yes, the group has been taking ball room dancing lesson for over a month now, and we try to practice whenever we can...

We are still far from mastering our steps but it is a lot fun taking these classes and it is also a good exercise.

Huyen could not make it to last week class so here Phuong is showing her the new steps that we learned.

Doan joined in to practice the steps...

Phuong making sure that Doan is getting the steps correctly!

The kids watching the parents practicing our cha cha move...


Tonight the kids are eating really well.  Hanh made a huge pot of braised beef short ribs served with Mashed potatoes prepared by Maily.

From the left: Kevin, Justin Nguyen, Nicky, Ryan, Justin Ngo, Spencer (partly covered) and Khoi.

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