Surprise birthday Party/Valentine day -2/14/09

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For Valentine's day the group decided to go to Trevese restaurant in Los Gatos.   The plan was to meet at Phuong's & Dung's house at 6:00PM for a few cocktails before heading off to the restaurant.

 As Hoa was parking our car, I told Hoa "wow we are late! seems like everyone got here already", which is not the norm, we usually are one of  first few to arrive, but I did not put much thoughts into it!   As I walked in the house, I saw balloons, everyone was gathered around the kitchen, they all turned to look at me with a big smile and in unison they all shouted "SURPRISE!!!" and then proceed to sing "Happy birthday....".  WOW!  I was in shock!   For a surprise it was a surprise! They got me 100%, I did not even have a clue!    I have to admit that everyone did a wonderful job at keeping it a secret and Hoa did a wonderful job to play along.

This is while I was walking in the house... I looked around and smiling faces every where.  I did not expect a surprise birthday party at all!

The ladies singing "happy birthday!"


Even when they are done singing "happy birthday"  I thought we were having a few cocktails and then we will be going to dine at Trevese but no... here is the second surprise of the evening.  The whole evening was carefully planned!   Phuong took me in the dinning room and showed me the beautifully decorated dinning table.  Only then did I realized that we were not going out but the ladies put all the efforts together and planned a wonderful dinner and entertaining! 

The table was set up specially by Doan.  She came a day ahead just to put it all together.

The table reflects valentine theme because my birthday is so close to Valentine and it is also good to celebrate both occasions!

A red rose is rested on each plate setting for the ladies!

Close up view at my plate setting.  Doan printed out a name tag for seat assignment and added a nice heart box filled with Chocolate Kiss.

Close up view of my plate setting with the chocolate kiss in the heart box.

Balloons adorned the table at the entrance of the house.

Hoa and I posing right after everyone sang "Happy birthday"

Our family portrait!

Champagne to toast for the good fortune of having such nice friends.


Group portraits of the ladies:

From Left: Huyen, Ha, Maily, Phuong, Doan, Me, Hand and Thuy


Group portrait with the guys:

From left: Tuan, Duy, Trung, Tuan Vu, Hoa, Me, Phuc, Dung and Tuan Ngo




Our house


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