Surprise birthday Party/Valentine day -2/14/09

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The gifts

Now that our tummy is full it is time to open the gifts...

Here I am opening the first gift from Hanh and Tuan

This is not secret that I love to cook so I got 2 beautiful cookbooks. the food of Spain and the food of Italy...

More cosmetics gifts from Hanh...

Clutch bag, necklace and Modigliani perfume from Huyen and Phuc.


Fun  gifts by Doan...

Who else but only Doan can come up with fun gifts to entertain the crowd! 

Doan is opening the 1st box ...

...she pulled out a sweet confections buttercream bath set!  The scent is just like dessert for your skin creating a mouthwatering aromas just like when you are baking and the house has a wonderful smell.

Here I am checking out the Buttercream frosting shower gel and body lotion and they smell so heavenly just like a delectable fragrance of buttercream frosting and vanilla latte.

I can't believe that they also have a sweet confection bath soap and who wouldn't want to lather up with the decadent scent?

The second box I opened are negligees!  Remember this is also Valentine.... Love is in the air! 

Another surprise here!  The boxer shorts with hearts and the red tank top are for Hoa!

Everyone wanted Hoa to remove his clothes and wear the new outfit but he made a compromise and wore the outfit over his clothes.

We are all laughing at Hoa trying to modeling the clothes!

More laughs when Doan pulled out the face and Body shimmer!  She said that this is just like when you are cooking, when you finish baking your tart you put a layer of  glaze so the tart is shinny and delicious!  Same concept here...

So I powdered Hoa's cheeks and neck and then proceeded to lick it off his face.. Needless to say everybody was dying of laughter.


Again thank you everyone to make this evening such a memorable party!



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