2 days in Chartres, France - 09/22/2023-9/232023

Day 1
City center
Lunch at Bistro Racines
Chartres Cathedral
Cathedral cont.
Ryan & Thomas's wedding
Day 2
Stroll downtown
Saint Pierre Church
Dinner at La Cour

Day 2- Saint Pierre church-9/23/2023

Saint Pierre church was a former abbey church of Saint Père en Vallée located in the lower town, it became a parish church in 1803.  The first church here was based in the 7th century and was affected by fires and looting, and so in the 10th century the bell tower was added to serve as a refuge. the current church was completed in the early 14th century. The church was classified as a historical monument in 1840 during Napoleon reign.

The church was located outside the city walls and thus vulnerable to attack.  The fortress-like, pre-Romanesque bell tower attached to it was used as a refuge by monks, and dates from the 10th century.


Located at the Place Saint-Pierre, and not far from the river, the Église Saint-Pierre is less than a 10 minute walk from the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres.


Flying buttresses hold up the Saint Pierre Church


Closer look at the flying buttress (buttress is a support to help hold the heavy wall up by pushing from the outside),


To enter the church, unlike may religious building, you have to go down a few steps.


The nave of the church


The brightly colored stained glass windows are from the early 14th century.


The stained glass windows illuminated the interior of the church.


View of the apse


Closer view of the stained glass window in the apse.


The remarkable stained glass windows with several tell the lives of the saints, including that of Saint Pierre.


Most of the Stained glass windows are located in the nave.


Beautiful stained glass windows.


Stained glass windows in the nave and the apse.



The ambulatory on the left and close view of a stained glass window.


A beautiful stained glass window of the Madonna with child.


A statue of Saint Pierre (St. Peter).

He was a fisherman on the sea of Galilee when Jesus asked him to follow him.  It was to him, repentant, that Jesus entrusted his church in spite of his denial when Jesus was condemned to death.


Saint Soline was a virgin and an martyr.


Stained glass window dedicated to Saint Soline.



A holy water font located near the entrance.


The nave and at the exit door.


Rue Saint Pierre is the main street leading to the church.


A quaint alley.


We are headed to the upper part of town.


The area is really well kept and really nice to walk around.


Straight ahead is the upper part of town


We are at Place Marceau in the center of the old town.  This area is great to have a drink.


Column dedicated to General Marceau who was a native of Chartres.


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