2 days in Chartres, France - 09/22/2023-9/23/2023

Day 1
City center
Lunch at Bistro Racines
Chartres Cathedral
Cathedral cont.
Ryan & Thomas's wedding
Day 2
Stroll downtown
Saint Pierre Church
Dinner at La Cour

Day 2- A stroll downtown Chartres-9/23/2023

Today we are just going to walk around the historic center and the lower part of the town along the Eure river that runs through the city of Chartres.

We are in the historic center with the Cathedral de Chartres in the back ground.


The old town is full of narrow streets that lead down to the picturesque houses by the river.


House of the Saumon (Salmon's house) is in the historic center near the Cathedral is a half timbered house from the 15th and 16th century. The name of this building is due to the magnificent fish carved on one of the six consoles of the facade which support the corbelling of the first floor. 


Place de La poisonnerie is a square that allow people to go down to the town below


View of the town below from place de la Poisonnerie.


Stairs going down to the town below.


As you can see the cathedral is above, we are now in the lower part of town.


View of the lower town from above


Lots of narrow streets.



A half timbered house


Water mill on the river Eure


Closer view of the water mill.


We are now walking along the river Eure. 


There are a lot of houses that are built at the edge of the river.


As we were walking I noticed the Cathedral of Chartres in the distance.


View of the rooftops of the Cathedral from the river.


The Cathedral was built on a hilltop and can been seen all over town.


The street in this area is so quiet.  There are barely anybody walking around.


The Bouju bridge at the end was for a long time the most important bridge in the city, called le Grand pont (the great bridge). 


Water reflection of the arched bridge.



This area is so picturesque.


Ducks swimming in the river.


We are moving along the lower part of the town.



Pont Taillard


Beautiful houses on the bank of the river Eure




The Taillard Bridge is a vaulted arch bridge dating from the 16th century.


Lots of trees growing along the bank of the river.


You can see the arch of the bridge through a tree.



Panoramic view


Water mill next to Pont Saint Hilaire


We are now leaving the lower part of town heading to the Saint Pierre church


NEXT... Day 2-Saint Pierre Church




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