5 days in Seoul, Korea-5/17-5/22/2023

Day 1
Arrival/Korean BBQ
Day 2
Gyeongbokgung Palace
Hoa's Birthday at Mr. Ahn's Craf Magkeolli
Day 3
Changdeokgung Palace
Secret garden
Jongmyo Shrine
Dinner at Kyoyan Siksa
Day 4
Meyeong-Dong Cathedral
Hop on Hop off bus
Gwanjang Market
Cheonggyecheon Stream
Dinner at Yakitori Mook
Day 5
War Memorial Museum
Lotus Lantern Festival
Bukchon Village
Hongdae street
Dinner at Dono & Cocktails

Day 3: Dinner at Kyoyang Siksa - 5/19/2023

Kyoyan Siksa is located in the Itaewon neighborhood and is listed under Bib Gourmand in the Michelin Star guide, they specialize in tender young lamb less than 10 months old. Flown in from Australia, this meat is juicy and tender and the menu offers two cuts: French rack and shoulder rack.

We had a tough time finding the restaurant as it is located below the main street.  The stairs are actually pretty steep but we found the restaurant.


The front of the restaurant.


Inside is a large counter that can seat about 12 people.


This is the view from our seats looking out into the street.


Table set up


View of the open kitchen from our seats.


The menu is very limited.  There are only two type of cuts: French Rack and Shoulder Rack.


High ball Gin and tonic




The meat is grilled tableside by the staff.


Dipping sauce, aromatic garlic rice, and assorted banchan


We ordered both cuts but our waitress is grilling the French lamb chops first.


Beside the meat she is also grilling onion, leek, and tomatoes.


Here she is grilling the Shoulder rack.


The meat is almost ready....


Once the meat is done, she puts the meat on the side for us to eat.


To eat the meat it is recommended to wrapped it in a nori sheet with garlic rice and bit of wasaki and then the whole package is dipped into the sauce.


We had our first bite and it was delicious!


We ordered another French rack as Hoa was not full yet and this time I told her to leave the bone as is.


The rack was served whole.


We also ordered a bowl of curry with grilled vegetables and aromatic garlic rice.

This dish was excellent as all the vegetables are grilled and the flavors were incredible.

 Overall, the meat was really good but the menu was so limited to two cut of meat.


Once dinner was over we walked around a bit.  There are a lot of small streets below the main street.  Really cute and quaint.


There are also lots of restaurants in this neighborhood.


We now have to climb up all the way to main street.



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