A Day in Napa - 8/22/10

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Main Street, Napa


 Morimoto is located on the Riverfront development, Napa's most ambitious commercial project, with a price tag of 72 millions, stretching two blocks along the river.  Morimoto is the first  big-name on the Napa Riverfront development but Tyler Florence's Rotisserie and Wine is due later this year.  Tyler Florence is one of the Food Network star.  I am sure more restaurants will follow Morimoto's footsteps.....

Hanh, Huyen, Dung, Mui, Maily and myself posing in front of Morimoto restaurant.

After shopping we arrive at Morimoto around 4:30PM for a round of cocktail but unfortunately the restaurant is not open until 5:00Pm.   We decided to walk around Main Street to find a place so we can sit down for some refreshment while waiting for kids.  The kids are still at 6 Flags enjoying all the rides until 5:00Pm. 

Hanging around and we decided to walk around.... 

Grapevine on the main street.


Restaurants along Napa’s new Riverfront is quite a surprise because it is a brand new area.  I was told that just a few years ago all of this was dirt and now it's a beautiful part of the River Walk, with great views of Napa's river. 


At the end of street we saw this cute Restaurant, Angèle Restaurant & Bar with a view to the River.  This is an intimate restaurant perched above the Napa River. 

This is such a quaint restaurant!  
We did not go inside the restaurant, instead we opted to sit in the 75-seat riverfront terrace.  The terrace is inviting, cozy and we got amazing service.  
It was too early for Dinner so we had the place almost to ourselves.



We are checking out the terrace overlooking the Napa River ... 


I thought this is a nice touch... a bunch of potted olive trees on display!

After a few hours of shopping we were happy to find this place.  It is so nice to be sitting out in the open air in such a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

We were so thirsty by the time we sad down so we ordered lots of mineral water and soda to quench our thirst... Cocktail will follow afterwards.

Hoa has to work the whole day but he was able to join us around 6:00pm, just in time for dinner.


Next...Morimoto restaurant



Our house


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