A Day in Napa -8/22/10

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Carol's birthday and Dessert 

Turned today is also Carol's birthday!  The waitress brought out a gorgeous plate of a dessert trio with Happy Birthday written on it!

Banana sorbet with banana compote, chocolate mousse cake and fresh strawberry and puff pastry drizzled with maple syrup.

The kids are gathering around the table to sing Happy birthday to Carol!

Eric whishing his mom a happy birthday.


Dessert trio with a nice cup of Cappuccino!


I like the shape of the cup, saucer and creamer...the cappuccino was excellent.

The kids just hanging around until we are paying the bill! Not matter how much fun we had, it is unfortunate that the evening came to an end..  We now have to drive home with a full stomach and file this evening as a memorable day in Napa!

Overall, we had a wonderful dinning experience!  The appetizers are out of this world.  I love every morsel from the appetizers but my entree was left to be desired, but that's okay because the appetizers made it up for it.   It was a great evening and definitely worth the drive (3 hours round trip).

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