A Day in Napa -8/22/10

Sattui Winery Main Street in Napa Morimoto The cast Sitting down Food Birthday/Dessert

Starting the evening with cocktail and Saké

Chef Morimoto also developed a line of specialty beers in collaboration with Roque Ales of Newport, Oregon, consisting of the Imperial Pilsner, Soba Ale, and Black Obi Soba Ale.  Hoa choose the Black Obi Soba Ale which he described as very enjoyable.

Pretty cocktail but I can't remember the name!

Dung ordered a large bottle of Morimoto line of saké.

Our waitress pouring the saké 

Dung trying the saké and gave her the Okay!

Not sure what Thuy and Muy are doing here but they are sure having a good time!

I love this picture! 

Check out Hanh's expression! Looks like she is saying something like.. "Hey, what are you guys doing"? 


  Enjoying the saké  Actually, Morimoto's sake is outstanding!
Kampai!   Cheers to such a fun evening!
Now that we have our drinks lets move on to the food.... Are you ready?

Next....The Food



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