A Day in Napa -8/22/10

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The cast!

Our reservation is for 25 people.  Hanh tried so many times to get us in on a Saturday but they just could not accommodate such a large group.  To make a long story short, after numerous phone calls they insisted that in order to serve our group and to give us the best dinning experience it had to be on a Sunday where they can give us the attention we needs.  

  So here we are with 15 adults sitting together and 10 kids sitting across from our table and we are ready to take the culinary journey with Morimoto.

Minh and Loan

Duy and Thuy


Carol and Justin

Hoa and I

Hanh and Tuan

Phuc and Huyen

Maily and Tuan

  Noticed how Phuc/Huyen- Maily/Tuan are in the shade and they are wearing sunglasses!  Well the sun coming from the large window is so blinding so they just mentioned to the waitress and right away she gave them complimentary cocktail for the inconvenience.  Pretty cool!
Thuy, Muy, Hanh
Huyen, me, Maily and Loan
The kids...
From left : Ryan, Nicky, Kevin, Justin, Bo, Alan, Khoa, khoi, Spencer and Eric




Our house


Photo Gallery

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