A Day in Napa -8/22/10

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V. Sattui  Winery

The main reason why we are spending the whole day in Napa is because we have reservation for dinner at Morimoto Napa Valley!  We are taking the kids with us and since it is a long drive from the Bay area to Napa, about 90 minutes,  we decided spend a full day there.  To make this trip a special one for the kids we bought tickets at  Six flags Discovery Kingdom, an amusement park, so they can spend the whole day having fun and then ending their day with a a lavish dinner at Morimoto.  After dropping of the kids we stopped at Sattui winery for a light lunch.  

Founded in 1885 in San Francisco by Vittorio Sattui, an Italian immigrant, V. Sattui was re-established in St. Helena in 1975.  V. Sattui farms over 300 acres of vineyards, from which 40,000 cases are produced and sold each year direct to visitors at the Winery and to a large & loyal customer mailing list.  We are not really here for their wine but we wanted a nice and relaxing atmosphere where we could enjoy a light lunch and Sattui have a large picnic area.  They also have a large deli store with cheese and prepared food.

In addition to their winery, they have a huge selection of meats and cheeses in the marketplace at their deli store.  The Deli store was packed with people!

Wine on display...


Large selection of cheese.  We bought 3 different types of cheese there...

Prepared food ...

If you plan to visit Sattui make sure to stop by their deli! they have free samples in every nook and cranny such as cheeses, spreads, dipping sauces.  Be prepared for lines and crowds, though.

Here we are at the picnic area.  The weather is so perfect and it was such a nice day to be outside. 

Maily selected Sattui's best 2 bottles, a Chardonnay and a pinot noir for the group but I did not take a picture!   

This place is great for picnics!   We really enjoyed our light lunch and wash it down with a glass or two of the wine we bought.

I had a glass of the Pino noir and it was very good.  I also have a few sips of the Chardonnay and it was also very good.  Of course they are not Phuc's caliber of wine but they are definitely more than adequate for a simple meal.


Beside the cheese we also ordered some roast beef sandwiches 


Pretty large portion so we cut the sandwich in half and share it.


Close up view of the sandwich.


Grapewine close by the picnic area.



You have to pass by this nice large fountain before entering the picnic area.

Next stop we are going shopping (no pictures) to kill time until it is time for our dinner reservation at 6:00PM.

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