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Day 3 - Lunch at Les Halles-9/10/13

We were on our way to see the 911 Memorial and then I just happened to look on my left and saw in the distance a sign for "Les Halles".  Immediately I turned to Hoa and told him that this the restaurant where Tony Bourdain used to be the executive chef before he became a TV personality.

We both decided to walk over and take a look.

Lots of construction going on in the neighborhood.  This is around Noon so a bunch of workers are taking a lunch break.

The Front of the restaurant.


Brasserie Les Halles is a French bistro steakhouse on 15 John Street, between Broadway & Nassau Street in the Financial District.

There is also a 2nd location on 411 Park Avenue South (between East 28th Street and East 29th Street in Murray Hill and I think Tony worked at the Park avenue.


We looked at the menu and it is a truly French Bistro with simple and classic French dishes such as escargot, foie gras, croque Monsieur, steak -frites, and crepes and so we decided to give it a try.

As soon as you opened the door, the bar is on the left and on the right there are a bunch of tables and if we walk on the way down there is a second dinning room even longer than the front. 


The menu is authentic French menu.


We were seated in main dinning room and as I was looking around the room and noticed that the dark wood interior seemed dated and the tiles on the floor looked like they been there a long time.  The restaurant is narrow but it is super long and can hold lots of tables. While we were there for Lunch the restaurant is pretty much running full capacity.

 I was told that a lot of  tourists stop by because of its association with Tony Bourdain. 

Les Halles are known for their pommes frites (French fries) so I ordered a Sandwich de poulet with pommes frites.

Got to try out those frites!


The sandwich was okay -the frites were excellent.  I like them crispy an that's what I got.


Hoa selected the classic steak frites.

According to Bourdain, the classic Steak at Les Halles are cut by a French Butcher, they try to be as authentic as can be as the French actually cut their meat differently than the in the U.S., but unlike the French, the U.S. have the luxury of American Beef, which is generally speaking far superior.


The best French Fries for sure!


Dessert Menu

Of course a cup of hot coffee is a must with dessert.

The servers here at les Halles are very professional and hey know what they are doing by making you feel welcome.

Crepe les Halles filled with creme chantilly and rum raisin.

They were yummy but the portion was too big so I gave away half of it to the table next to us.  They were visiting from L.A.  

I also enjoyed their coffee, very strong, and very aromatic.

We are now walking out of the restaurant...

This restaurant is very busy with tourists and lots of people working around the financial district.



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