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Day 2 - Miss Korea Restaurant - 9/9/13

By the time we got back from Manhattan after the tennis match it was around 10:00PM and Hoa wanted to have Korean food.  We went to Korean town located between

 West 32nd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue.  There are so many Korean restaurants and we did not know which one to pick so we asked two random young Asian guys on the street and without hesitation they recommended Miss Korea.  Without missing a beat Hoa reply is she cute? 

Caught by surprise the Asian guy did not get the joke right away and looked a bit perplex and then he got the joke and smile back and said for you the find out...

Apparently Miss Korea is know to be one of the best Korean BBQ in New York City and known as the Korean BBQ specialist and they are open 24 hours.

The restaurant is actually pretty large and has a "Zen" vibe.

So far so good and we are glad we made the right decision to eat here.


As soon as we seat down our waiter help us with what to order and brought out all the side dishes in less than 5 minutes.

They are really efficient here.



 What I like the most about Korean BBQ is the large selection of Banchan. 

Banchan are a variety (about eight on average) of tasty little side dishes that you put in your lettuce to enhance the BBQ meat.  Banchan come with your meal and it is expected for you to ask for refill so don't be shy!


Chamisul is a Korean distilled rice liquor traditionally made from rice, wheat, barley and is the equivalent of Sake.

We ordered the Ohri Roast which is thinly slice Duck Breast.


We just sit back and relax while out waiter does all the job for us.  He puts the meat and vegetable on the grill, a rotate the meat and vegetables until it is properly cooked.


Meat and vegetables are ready.  Our waiter turned off the heat and it is time to eat.

The way to eat is to wrap the meat and banchan in a large lettuce leaf.

It is so good especially when you are very hungry.

We also ordered a Beef JAPCHAE Glass noodle with sautéed vegetables.


This is a classic Korean dish and it is very tasty.


I definitely recommend this restaurant if you are going to New York and you want something casual and good. The restaurant is

spacious and the prices are competitive, so it is no surprise that it is always packed


Miss Korea

10 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001
(212) 594-4963



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