4 days in Paris, France - 09/30/2023-10/3/2023

Day 1
Paris 5th arrondissement
Dinner at Geosmine
Day 2
Ile Fanac
Stroll in Paris
Day 3
Gallery Lafayette/lunch
Day 4
Dinner at L'ami Jean
Cocktails at the Club

Day 4- Dinner at L'ami Jean -10/3/2023

L'ami Jean is a well known traditional Bistro that has a cult following among the locals and foreign food-obsessed travelers, who consider it a must when they come to town. Chef Stephane Jego's cuisine is characterized by generosity, a cult of products, and a deep respect for traditional techniques combined with creativity.

 Chef Stéphane Jégo, comes from the south-west of France and owns one of the best bistro in Paris. He worked for many years with Yves Camdeborde, who opened in the 80’s the first Parisian gastro-pub, and for 21 years now, Stéphane is every night behind the stoves at L'ami Jean.

We arrived a few minutes early and the restaurant is not quite open yet so we are just waiting in front.


We were one of the first customers go get in the restaurant.  This is the bar at the entrance.


Table set up.


We were lucky enough to get a table for 10 people here. 


Starting the meal with white wine.  Cheers!


Delicious pain de campagne and butter to start the meal


Funny art work on the wall.


The interior of the restaurant is very cozy with wooden tables set up communal style, titled floors, dim lighting and a semi open kitchen at the back where we can see chef Jego working.


The menu


After looking at the menu we all decided to go with the chef tasting menu.


The first course is the famous parmesan soup.  It is a very rich and decadent soup filled with bits of deliciousness.

The soup is brought our with shallots, chives, crunchy croutons, and bacon and the waiter just poured over a velvety and creamy Parmesan emulsion.


The second course is a stuffed sea bass


It was really good!



The 3rd course is a fun grilled fish with torched herbs on top.  It was spectacular to see the ember were still glowing.


A delicious piece of fish.


The bottom was stuffed with tasty vegetables.


The 4th course is the Beef shoulder confit, grilled, and smoked with oregano


The ultimate comfort food.


I love the presentation with the burning of the oregano on top.


The portion at L'ami Jean is huge even for American standard.


The beef is so flavorful and it just melted in our mouth.  Tasty sauce an the mashed potatoes is just wonderful.


On the left: Tuan, Phu, Hoa, Maily and Nicky

On the right: Hanh, Huyen, Me, Tuan, and Spencer.


Cheese course.  I was so full that I did not even bother to eat it.


Cozy and fun ambiance inside the restaurant.


We were having a really good time dining here.


Desserts: the famous chilled rice pudding with caramel sauce and a variety of caramelized nuts.


This is really an amazing desserts.


The 2nd dessert is a seasonal fruits with lemon cream.


The ladies in front of L'ami Jean.


Group pictures


A wonderful evening dinning with friends.

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