4 days in Paris, France - 09/30/2023-10/3/2023

Day 1
Paris 5th arrondissement
Dinner at Geosmine
Day 2
Ile Fanac
Stroll in Paris
Day 3
Gallery Lafayette/lunch
Day 4
Dinner at L'ami Jean
Cocktails at the Club

Day 1- Dinner at Geosmine-9/30/2023


Geosmine is a fairly new restaurant that opened in the spring of 2023 and is located in the 11th arrondissement in Paris.  Even less than a year old, Geosmine is already in the Michelin Guide's point of view. Chef Maxine Boutier named his restaurant Geosmine which means the aroma that rises from a freshly ploughed field. Chef Boutier pays tribute to nature with products from his region, which he then transformed according to the seasons and arrivals.

The restaurant is a two level town house that used to be a textile workshop



Entering the restaurant


The first floor.  The interior of the restaurant is very warm with dark brown recycle wood and white painted walls.


Our table was located on the 2nd floor with a view to the main street.


We are very happy to be here with Huyen, Phu, and Spencer.


Simple table setting on the table.


The restaurant offers two tasting menu options : 8 course and 11 course.  We selected the 11 course.


Starting with a home made tomato juice with basil oil.


I like their wooden table, feels very rustic.




Since we planned to dine at a nice restaurant Phu decided to pack in his suitcase and bring a magnum bottle of Chateau Pape Clement , 2009 from California.

Yes, the Bottle Chateau Pape clement is returning back to the land of its creator.


This is a wonderful bottle and it was the ultimate wine pairing with our dinner.


Trio of appetizers

On the left: Smoked eel tart with pistachio

In the center: Buckwheat Puff pastry, creamy black garlic

On the right: Crispy Hot rillettes


Smoked eel tart with pistachio. One of the tart was already consumed before I remember to take a picture.


The pastry was incredible thin and crunchy over a flavorful and unctuous sabayon tart.


Crispy hot rillettes


Rillettes are usually made with fatty pork cooked in duck fat and then shredded.  Here the rillettes were breaded and then fried to a golden crisp.

Simply delicious!


Buckwheat puff pastries are served in a cup and another cup was filled with a creamy garlic sauce.  This appetizer was just okay but fun to eat.


Bread was served after the appetizers.


The bread came form Grains bakery (located near by) and was perfect to spread with herb butter between courses.


Mozzarella, Kalamata olive, melon, and savory (herb).


The melon was fresh, sweet and light and it was perfectly paired with a creamy and delightful mozzarella.


Beautiful presentation


Lobster, plum, kasha (cooked grains), blackberry


Cute presentation of a one lobster bite


Good bite but I don't remember much about it.


Padron peppers, cecina (dried beef), beech leaves.


I always love Padron peppers and this was an interesting and yummy preparation.


Tuna, tomato, yellow chanterelle, Basil


I really like this dish.  Full of flavor, well balanced and I also love the tuna.


Beef, onion, Béarnaise sauce


Beautiful presentation and what is not to like?


Spencer and Hoa taking a little break between a course.


This is the chef signature dish: cow udder with cream, seaweed and caviar.


Our first time eating cow udder.  I though it was going to be chewy but it is not, it has an interesting and rich texture.  If they did not tell us I would think it was a slice of thin beef.  Very good combination of a creamy sauce, seaweed, and the saltiness of the caviar. 


Yuzu sorbet, lettuce, glasswort, and nori


This was the last savory dish and it was hot and cold at the same time.  A bit unusual dish but I do not dislike it.


Desserts and mignardises

Apricot, almond, chili, and milk


Wonderful dessert!


Chocolate with vanilla sea salt an praline.


If you love chocolate this dessert is definitely for you.  soft, rich, and tasty.


The mignardises in two parts.  The top is a Sicilian pastry inspired by the martyrdom of Saint Agatha (her breasts were cut off and are often shown in paintings on a tray).  The redness is from beet powder.  The bottom are chocolate truffles.


This the view of the first floor as we are going down the stairs.


We really had good meal here!  The service was attentive and everyone is really friendly and helpful.  The chef is pretty creative and most of the courses are excellent ( a few misses) but I am pretty sure Geosmine will get a Michelin star by next year. 


NEXT... Day 2- Ile Fanac & lunch at Son and Valerie's

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