4 days in Paris, France - 09/30/2023-10/3/2023

Day 1
Paris 5th arrondissement
Dinner at Geosmine
Day 2
Ile Fanac
Stroll in Paris
Day 3
Gallery Lafayette/lunch
Day 4
Dinner at L'ami Jean
Cocktails at the Club

Day 3- Galerie Lafayette Gourmet & Lunch -10/2/2023


Today we are going to Huyen and Phu's Air B&B for Lunch and we are stopping at Galerie Lafayette Gourmet store to get some cheese and wine.

The Galerie Lafayette gourmet store is located on Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement.  It is a 3 stories with the best gourmet food.


They have a huge selection of Foie gras.


They have all kind of foie gras but unfortunately we cannot buy fresh foie gras to take back home.


The only thing we could bring home is the canned foie gras.


What an amazing selection!


I am in heaven!


Escargot ready made.  So convenient and looks so good.


Pierre Herme the king of Macarons


All kinds of flavors.


So tempting!


Panade is a pastry shop by top chef Merouan Bounekraf


The Pastries look really amazing.


I am at the cheese shop buying a few things.


We are now at Huyen and Phu's apartment.  It is a really huge apartment on the 16th arrondissement with great views.


The living room..


View of the Eiffel tower.


View from the balcony.


Panoramic view from the balcony


Nicky and Spencer.  This is Nicky first visit in Paris and he is loving it.


So happy to see our friends and have a chance to have lunch together.  We really had a good time.


Good food and good friendship!


Bon appetit!


All of us on the balcony!


Phu went to La maison du Chocolat and bought pretty much all the Eclairs they have.


The best éclairs ever!


The éclairs are crisps and soft at the same time, the filling is light and incredibly flavorful. 



NEXT... Day 4- Dinner at L'ami Jean




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