4 days in Paris, France - 09/30/2023-10/3/2023

Day 1
Paris 5th arrondissement
Dinner at Geosmine
Day 2
Ile Fanac
Stroll in Paris
Day 3
Gallery Lafayette/lunch
Day 4
Dinner at L'ami Jean
Cocktails at the Club

Day 2- Ile Fanac and Lunch at Son & Valerie's-10/1/2023


Today we are invited to have Lunch at Son and Valerie's house in Joinville Le pont which is located on the outskirt of Paris.  First stop Ile Fanac (Fanac Island).

Fanac island is a 10 acres island in the Marne located in Joinville-Le-Pont.  No cars are allowed inside the island and is accessible by stairs and elevator in the middle of the Joinville Bridge.

Here is the view standing on the  Joinville Bridge


Rowing and canoeing is very popular on the Marne.


View of the  Joinville Bridge from below the bridge.


Panoramic view of the bridge.


The sun came out and it was a beautiful day.


The island is very lust with lots of trees.


Son, me and Hoa on the island.


This area is for sporting activities.  People ready to get on their boat to practice.



Beautiful villas on the other side of the Marne



The area is very quiet and very pleasant for a walk.


Son showing me the area.


So peaceful around here.



We are now back on the bridge


Beautiful view from the bridge



People rowing below.


We than walked back to Son's house close by.


Son and Valerie bought the house a few years ago but we never had the chance to stop by.



Son re did the garden and it looks beautiful.


He also repaved all the walkways


Walkway on the side of the house.


Valerie set up lunch for us in the dinning room.


The living room


The piano for Tomas


I requested moonlight sonata by Beethoven and Tomas played it beautifully.


Thank you Son and Valerie for a wonderful lunch and also for Dara and Davanh for stopping by to see us.


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