A layover in Seoul and trip to Dalian- 12/10/12 - 12/16/12

Layover in Seoul Day 1-Lunch Day 1- Dinner Day 2- walk around the  campus Day 3-Japanese Dinner Day 4- Night market Day 5- Tour & fishing Last dinner

Layover in Seoul

Before getting to Dalian Hoa had to overnight in Seoul.  Reservation for the evening is made at the Hyatt Regency Incheon which is about 2 minutes away from Incheon International Airport.

The lobby is decorated with a tall, festive, glittering, and humongous Christmas tree to welcome guests.

Fancy noodle shop inside the hotel

Grill restaurant in the hotel.

Wine from around the world on display.  California wine are also in display.


Taittinger (French) champagne on display

An interesting wall light display.


Korean Dinner

Hoa did not want to eat at the hotel so they asked around and this was referred by the host at the hotel

Anita deciding what to order..

Hoa and the waitress.  Very nice lady and very upbeat.

Side dishes


More side dishes! 


Pickled onion and green onion?

Hot pot

Beef on a hot grill.

Typical Korean meal with grilled meat and lots of side dishes.


And then...Hoa noticed that people are the leaving the restaurant with their jackets wrapped in plastic bag so that their clothes do not smell!

Hoa did not know that guests could request a plastic bag to avoid the smell of the food.  Oh well,  in the mean time everybody went home smelling Korean BBQ food!

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