Kristie and Kevin's backyard wedding, -06/2/2020

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Lunch and cake

Lunch Menu


Close look view of the menu


Individual wrapped silverware.


Appetizers table


The wine for the occasion...


Again because of Covid, I have to prepare and cook all the food but I am so used to cook for a large crowd so 15 people is a breeze for me.


The first appetizer is a Caprese tomato, basil, mozzarella drizzle in  balsamic & olive oil.


Close view of the Caprese salad.

Because of Covid I had to make individual portion as sharing is not a possibility.


2nd appetizer is a poached shrimps with lemon juice, olive oil, avocado, cucumber, and chopped parsley.


Practicing distancing so there is only 2 people per table.




A toast to the newly wed!



Close look at the Caprese salad


Close look at the poached shrimps.


Mimosa to go with the appetizers.


The3rd dish is a Hamachi with ponzu sauce.


Here I am in the kitchen putting together the 4th dish with is a combination of caramelized onion quiche and served with an asparagus soup.


Close look at the onion quiche and the asparagus soup.



The 5th dish is baked penne with eggplant and Italian sausage.

I figure that up to this point all the dishes were pretty light so adding a pasta will definitely fill up your belly.


Close look at the baked penne with eggplant and Italian sausage.


6th and final dish is roasted guinea fowl legs with cauliflower puree & sautéed broccolini.


Bon appetit everyone!


Lunch is over and it is time to bring out the wedding cake.


The cake

Fro the wedding cake, I made a Berry crème frâiche cake.


Decorated the cake with fresh Peonies since I am not that great at piping.


The cake turned to be stunning with the fresh peonies.


Close look at the cake.


Kristie and Kevin cutting the cake.



Look at this cute face while mom and dad are cutting the cake.


Posing for pictures...


Time to eat the cake..


Kevin checking with our table.  We have the largest table with Mark and Alice and Cheryl and Kevin A.

It was such a hot day but thank god we set up all the tables in the shade.



Kevin and Kristie' vows.


I am now looking forward to Kristie and Kevin's reception with Friends and Family in November 2021!

Congrats to the Newly wed!


NEXT....Wedding reception at Deer Villa in Fairfax, CA




Our house


Photo Gallery

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