Kristie and Kevin's backyard wedding, -06/2/2020

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Married/Posing for pictures

Now that they are married we have to take pictures for posterity!

Picture of the happy couple!



Picture with Millie

Picture with Kristie's family


Sarah, Gillie, Kristie, and Nicole

Andrew, Kevin, Larry, and Julian


Millie is such a good dog and she is very sweet.


Nice picture of Kristie and Kevin.


Hoa, Kristie, Kevin, and Me.

Both parents on each side with Kevin and Kristie.


Mark, Alice, Kristie, Kevin, Me, and Hoa





Picture with all the friends from high school.


All the attendees for the wedding: 15 people.

Sitting from left to right: Mark, Alice, Kristie, Kevin, Me, and Hoa

Standing from left to right: Julian, Gillie, Kevin A., Cheryl, Andrew, Nicole, Larry, Sarah and her boyfriend.



Next... Champagne




Our house


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