Kristie and Kevin's backyard wedding-06/2/2020

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Kevin and Kristie' wedding was scheduled to be in June 2020 but because of Covid they have to postpone the ceremony until 11/2021.  In the mean time they both decided to get married legally in our backyard with only 15 people present.  Since, it was decided at the last minute, I only have a few days to put everything together.

Here I am trimming a few plants in our planters..

folded chairs are brought out.

Kevin and Kristie liked the wooden garden arbor and choose this area to have their ceremony.


All the chairs are set up the day before the wedding.


Gillie and Julian are in charge of the flowers and they arrived a few hours early to decorate the arbor.

They brought buckets of a variety of flowers.


Julian in anchoring some plastic straps around the pillar while Gillie is inserting the flowers inside the straps.


Julian at work... building slowly until all the flowers are used.

Looking really nice.


Gillie is making a bouquet for Kristie.  Smiley faces...


View of the arbor with flowers arrangements.


The arbor is decorated and the colors of the flowers are so vibrant.


Small vases with flowers are layout next to each row of chairs.

 Everything is ready for the ceremony....


Kevin is checking the Wi-Fi connection as he will need to connect with the clerk office so that they can witness the ceremony.


Sara's boyfriend is setting up his camera for pictures


I am now working on setting up all the tables for lunch.

Because of Covid we have to keep a distance so I had to set up 5 tables for 2, and a large table for 6 for both parents + siblings.


Gillie made all the flowers arrangement for the whole wedding and she gave me a bunch of flowers arrangements so I can put them on each table.


On each table there is a wooden tray, flower arrangement, a menu, and silverware.


Lunch menu.


Table for two with flower arrangement, silverware, and menu.


This is another table for two.


More views of table set up.


This is the table for the food, wine, and champagne.


Wine for the day....


Beers, soft drinks, and water.



All the guests are here.  Almost ready to start with the ceremony.


Last inspection to make sure everything is in place for the ceremony.


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