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Caesar salad Spring rolls - 5/28/11


Caesar salad spring roll is a great appetizer to serve when you have guests over.  Taking the traditional Caesar salad,  adding a slice of Prosciutto for flavor and saltiness, a few Arugula, drizzle with some vinaigrette, and then roll the whole thing with a Vietnamese rice paper and you get a Caesar Salad Spring roll.   Trust me people will be talking about this appetizer!  I found this recipe while perusing Francois Payard's Bite Size book and I was immediately attracted to the simplicity of this dish and I also like the way it was presented.   This is a healthy bite, low in calorie, colorful, and playful snack that your guests will snatch in no time.

The mayonnaise add a lot of flavor and the crouton gives a nice crunch.

Close look at the Caesar salad Spring Rolls.

Preparation work..

For the Caesar dressing

1/4 cup mayonnaise

1 teaspoon parmesan cheese

2 anchovy fillets, minced


Store bought croutons for decoration


For the spring rolls

1 cup very hot water

6 rice paper sheets

6 Prosciutto slices

Romaine lettuce leaves

1 cup baby arugula

Soak 1 sheet of the rice paper in the hot water.  Let it rest for 30 seconds or a minute until it is  pliable and soft.

Place 1 slice of Prosciutto close to the edge of the rice paper. Arrange a Romaine leave in the middle of the rice paper.

Add some Arugula inside the romaine leave and drizzle with some vinaigrette.

Roll the rice paper tightly around the Prosciutto, Romaine, and Arugula to form a spring roll.

Cut the 2 edges and throw it away.  Cut the roll into 4 portions.


Using a spoon mix the mayonnaise, parmesan and the anchovies in a bowl until everything is well incorporated.  Fill a plastic bag with the dressing and set it aside.  If you are not using it right away put it in the refrigerator.

When you are ready to serve cut the tip of plastic bag filled with the mayonnaise and pipe a bit on top of each roll.

Add a crouton on top and it is ready to be served.


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