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Prosciutto wrapped gnocchi served with crispy sage leaves- 5/28/11

Gnocchi (pronounced: nyocki)are Italian potato dumplings smaller than a ping-pong ball and cooked like Italian pasta and it is traditionally served with tomato sauce & grated cheese.  Gnocchi are soft  dumplings made with flour (sometimes semolina), potatoes and eggs and then they are boiled or baked.  Here I am using gnocchi as an appetizer! I am wrapping the gnocchi with prosciutto and then I sautéed them in a brown butter and served them with crispy sage.  There are only 4 ingredients in this dish and the result is pretty amazing so give it a try.

I served this dish at one of my dinner party and they disappeared in a flash. 

I enjoyed the  saltiness of the prosciutto against the soft and chewy gnocchi and on top of it the crispy sage added a nice texture to the dish.

Close look at the Prosciutto wrapped in gnocchi on a bed of crispy sage.


Preparation work..

40 to 50 store bought gnocchi

5 to 6 thin Prosciutto slice, cut lengthwise into 1 1/2 inch wide

1 bunch of fresh Sage

2 tablespoon butter

Bring a large pot of salted water to boil.  Add the gnocchi into to the pot.

Let the water come to a boil.

Cook for about 2 to 3 minutes or Wait until the gnocchi rise to the surface.

Remove the gnocchi from the pot with a slotted spoon and immediately place them in an ice water bathe to cool

When the gnocchi have cooled, remove them from the water and dry them on paper towel

Take 1 strip to prosciutto and roll it around the gnocchi. Secure each gnocchi with a tooth pick (half in it).

Repeat for all the gnocchi and prosciutto.

Melt the butter in a large pan and drop all the sage leaves in the pan.  Let the sage crisp up and set aside. 

Add the prosciutto wrapped gnocchi balls into the pan and sauté until they are browned.  Serve immediately.

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