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Indurain, my way- -12/14/13

Indurain is an appetizer named after the famous Spanish cyclist Miguel Indurain. Indurian won five consecutive Tours de France from 1991 to 1995 and is very well known in Europe. 

Why it is named after him?  I have no clue but all I know is this is a pretty tasty appetizer.

 Indurain is made with spicy-sweet Guindillo peppers, anchovy and an olive skewered on top of cooked Bonito tuna belly. I like everything about this appetizer but I just don't like the taste of the cooked tuna belly.  For me the cooked tuna is dry so I thought I would elevate it and replace it with raw sushi rate tuna.  I could not find Guindillo peppers so I replaced them with Pepperoncini.

No cooking in involved so all you need to do is to gather all the ingredients.  Cut the tuna into cubes and thread all the ingredients together.  Drizzle some good olive oil on top and voila you got a great appetizer.

Thread the olive first then the peppers, a few anchovies filet and a cube of raw tuna.

What you got here it a briny, salty, spicy, and flavorful bite.


Preparation work..

yield 20 to 25 skewers


1 piece of Tuna- sushi grade

1 can of pitted green olive

1 jar of pepperoncini

2 cans of anchovies in oil

Olive oil

small skewers

Cut the Pepperoncini in half and remove the seeds.

Here are all the ingredients:

Pepperoncini, pitted green olives, anchovies in oil, raw tuna

Cut the tuna into small cubes.

Put together the appetizer by starting with the olive followed by a few pepperoncini, a few anchovies, and a cube of raw tuna.

When you are ready to serve, drizzle with some good olive oil over the Indurain.


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