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Beef tongue with sauce gribiche- 3/7/09

I know that beef tongue is not appealing to most people but I like to include this dish into my repertoire because I simply like the texture of the tongue. If the tongue is cooked properly it is very tender and practically will melt in your mouth.

I know beef tongue is not a dish you will see served in an American restaurant but in France this is a very common dish.  The first time I had this dish was at my high school cafeteria in France.  I remember eating it and thinking to myself that the tongue has a very nice texture and ever since I always like this dish.

Boiled tongue with Gribiche sauce.


Close look at dish.


Preparation work..

The tongue is put into a pot of water and brought to a boil

Once the water is boiling, I am skimming out all the impurities and then water will be thrown out.

The pot is refilled with fresh water and the tongue is placed back into to pot with an onion studded with cloves, carrots and pepper


Here I am adding a  bouquet garni.  Bouquet garni is a bundle of herbs usually tied together with string and mainly used to prepare soup, stock, and various stews. The bouquet is boiled with the other ingredients, but is removed prior to consumption

The tongue will be simmering for 3 hours in the broth.

While the tongue is simmering.  I am preparing the sauce gribiche.  Eggs are hard boiled

I am separating the white from the yolk and then the white part is chopped finely.

The yolk is passed through a sieve.


The yolk is then beat up and oil is added slowly to the mixture, just like a mayonnaise.

Then cornichon, mustard, lemon juice, salt, and chopped egg white are added.


After 3 hours of simmering the tongue is removed from the pot.

The skin is removed.

Here I am cutting the tongue into slices.

Plating the tongue.

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