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Strawberry Shortcake - 9/27/08


I am in the mood for a Strawberry Shortcake!  I loved strawberries, especially when they are ripe and sweet! Strawberries are also so pretty to look at, they are shaped like a heart, they are bright red with green caps and above all they are so good to eat.

The first time I had a Strawberry shortcake was at KFC.  Yes, "KFC", the world's most popular chicken restaurant.  KFC sell their Strawberry Shortcake in a little clear plastic container, consisting of a bottom layer of cake, the second layer is filled with cooked strawberries and topped with a third layer of whipped cream.  Way back then I remember that it was pretty good dessert for a fast food restaurant, but somehow I doubt it if I like it as much as I did back then.

Well, I took the same idea but made it a little fancier by using a Genoise (sponge cake) topped with raspberries sauce and cooked berries, whipped cream and lots and lots of strawberries.

The cake was moist, the cream was light, the berries filling was delicious and the strawberries were perfect ripe an sweet!


Preparation work

Mixing the eggs yolks and sugar together.

Adding flour to the eggs and sugar mixture

Beating the egg white to stiff peak.

Incorporating the egg white to the mixture

Pouring the mixture into a well greased pan

Ready to go in the oven for about 20 minutes.

Freshly out of the oven and on a cooler rack.

Cooking the berries with sugar and water for the filling of the cake.

The cake is cut in half and filled with Raspberries sauce and topped with whipped cream

On top of the whipped cream I am putting a layer of the cooked berries and then another layer of whipped cream will go on top.

Whipped cream and strawberries are put on top of the cake.  I am decorating the cake.

Here I am trying to squeeze out the remaining whipped cream


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