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Summer Berry Pudding - 8/22/08


Summer Pudding  is a traditional English dessert made with left over sliced white bread layered in a deep bowl with macerated berries.

I choose to make my Summer pudding with Brioche, a soft, light-textured bread made from eggs, butter, and flour, and therefore giving the pudding a richer and buttery taste.

Basically the Summer Pudding is a simple marriage of bread and cooked berries.  The berries and the juices soak through the bread and gives the pudding a nice berry taste.

The rich buttery taste of the brioche and the juices of the berries give this dessert a wonderful taste and a big dollop of rum whipped cream does not hurt the flavor either!..



Preparation work

Berries... lots of them!

The berries is combined with sugar and water and then cooked in large sauce pan.

Once the berries are cooked, I just let it cooled off for a bit.

I used store bought brioche because it is much easier than for me to bake a loaf of brioche.

I peeled off the top brown part of the brioche and then cut it into pieces so the brioche will fit in the mold.

I am arranging the cut brioche into the mold.

The cooked berries is put on top of the berries so the brioche will be saturated with the juices.  More layers of brioche are stacked until the mold is filled up to the top of the molds.


Once the mold is filled up, a layer of plastic wrap is put on top and a weight is put on top and then it will be refrigerated for 6 to 8 hours before it is ready to be served.


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