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Pears Charlotte - -10/09/10

This is an easy recipe using white bread to create a dessert that is similar to apple pie but the crust is lighter.  Very easy to make!  Serve it with powdered sugar, whipped cream, ice cream, or crème Anglaise.  The bread is crunchy and the caramelized pear has just the right texture.  Simple dessert but it is delicious!


Close look at the charlotte.

Preparation work..


5 pears (any kind)

1/2 cup of sugar

2 tablespoons of butter for the pears

2 tablespoons of butter, melted for the bread

 pinch of salt

about 10 slice of white bread

1 batch of crème Anglaise

equipment: 4 ramekins

Peel and core the pears.  Cut each half into 3 slices and then cut each slice in half to equal a total 6 pieces per half pear.

Put the pears into a large pan add the sugar and the butter.

Cook the pears at high heat for about 10 minutes.  Move the pears once in a while so they can caramelized evenly.  Turn the heat down to medium and keep cooking... 

until the sugar is caramelized and the pears turned to a deep golden brown color.

Turn off the heat and set the pears aside.

Cut off the crush and then cut the bread into 4 slices.


Brush the melted butter on both side of the bread. 

Put a whole piece of bread on cutting board, Use a ramekin to cut out a circular round.  Brush the bread with the melted butter.  This piece of bread will be the top of the Charlotte.  

Line the piece of bread around the ramekins and then insert the circular piece of bread in the center.    

Spoon in the caramelized pears.

Preheat the oven at 375 degrees.  Bake the charlotte for about 35 minutes or until the bread is golden brown.

Freshly out of the oven.  Take a knife and cut out the top so that the bread has the same height.

Put the ramekins on a cooler rack.  Serve it right away when it is still warm.  If you are serving it right away, put it back in the oven (350 degrees) for about 10 to 15 minutes to re-heat it.

Make a batch of Crème Anglaise -Click on link to see preparation



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