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Chocolate Charlotte -4/26/08


Tonight we are invited to go the Ngo's for Dinner.   I volunteered to make a few desserts for the evening but the difficult part is to decide what to make! I am racking my brain and the first thing that pops up is a sticking toffee pudding that Tuan really likes so sticky toffee is on the dessert menu.  This time I wanted to make individual portion so we can each have a little bit of everything

I also wanted different flavors like something with chocolate and something with fruits so we have a variety.  Finally, I came up with a chocolate Charlotte and a Savarin.

To me a Charlotte cake is so pretty!  The French usually tied a ribbon around the cake for a more sophisticated look..  I had baked a Strawberry Charlotte and a Pear Charlotte before so to differ a little tonight it is going to be chocolate Charlotte.


A few shaving of chocolate are sprinkled on the plate and a few drizzle of raspberries sauce complete the presentation of the dessert.


Preparation work..

Melting the chocolate!  I used a good quality chocolate (valrhona) so the flavor is enhanced.

Heavy cream is whipped until fluffy and then folded into the melted chocolate and a package of gelatin so the mixture has a more jelly consistency..

I am taking a short cut by using store bought lady fingers.  The lady fingers are cut in half and I lined them into my mold.

The mold is lined with plastic wrap so it is easier to unmold the Charlotte.  I am here scooping the chocolate mouse into the mold.

The dessert will need to go into the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours so the chocolate is set.

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