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Thai Chicken Curry - 4/25/09

Thai chicken curry is a traditional dish made with a subtle blend of hot, salty, sweet and sour flavors to get the taste buds tingling. You can make your own curry paste from scratch, but I choose to buy it because the pre-made Thai curry is very good.  It has a very good flavor but I can add a few more ingredients to enhance the taste according to my needs.  There are three different choices of curry paste:  red curry, yellow curry or green curry. The yellow curry is mild whereas the red and green curries are spicier options. I personally like the red or green curry better than the yellow one because it is more flavorful and spicier.


This dish is actually very versatile, you can add any type of vegetables in the curry such as green or red bell peppers, bamboo shoot, eggplant, green beans, etc...


Close look at the Thai chicken curry


Preparation work..

I used chicken thighs and cut them into small cubes.

I then put the chicken in a pan and stir fried it with lots of garlic and chopped lemon grass.

Red curry paste, chopped lemon grass, and coconut milk are boiled and then reduce until thick...

...then it is poured into a larger pot with the stir fried chicken.

Here I am adding some green Asian eggplant to the pot and I let it simmer for 15 minutes or so.

And then bamboo shoot and eggplants are added to the curry and put to a simmer for another 15/20 minutes..


When it is ready to serve I just reheat the curry and then add a few basil leaves.

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