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Profiteroles - 10/24/08

A profiterole is made with choux pastry.  Choux pastry differs from other confectioner's pastry because it is cooked twice.  First in a sauce pan and then in the oven. Profiteroles are traditionally shaped in little oval spheres that are served cold with a sweet filling and sometimes a topping. The usual filling are whipped cream, ice cream and pastry cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce, caramel, or a dusting of powdered sugar.

Once you have the basic choux recipe under you belt, you can make a variety of dessert such as, of course profiteroles, but also éclairs, Religieuse, Paris-Brest, Croquembouche and even Gougères (savory appetizers). 

I read somewhere that the Profiteroles are named so because they cost very little to make but yielded high profits.

I filled my profiteroles with chocolate ice cream and vanilla ice cream and then drizzled some warm chocolate sauce of top.

Trust me, this is a very good and satisfying dessert to eat!


The warm chocolate sauce is so good against the cold ice cream and the chewy profiteroles. 


Closer look at the Profiteroles.


Preparation work..

Milk, water, butter, sugar and salt is brought to a boiling point.

Once the liquid is hot, flour is poured in.

The flour will absorbed all the liquid and then I need to cook the flour for about 4 minutes so that the flour can relax.

Here I am beating the dough so it will cool down.

Once the dough has reached the correct temperature, eggs are added one at a time.

I added 4 eggs to the dough and you can see the consistency of the dough is now sticky.

The choux paste is piped through a pastry pipe or if you do not have a pastry bad use a pair of spoons to make small balls and baked to form largely hollow puffs.

Freshly out of the oven. 

Plain profiteroles on a plate.  Later on when the dessert is ready to be served, I will cut them in half and will fill them with ice cream.

The profiteroles are cut into halves. Ice cream is scooped into the bottom half of the profiteroles.

Here I am putting back the top half of the profiterole over the ice cream

Chocolate sauce is drizzled on top of the profiteroles and they are now ready to be eaten.


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