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Coconut cupcakes - 7/24/09

I have a coconut cupcakes recipe that I wanted to try out for a long time but sometime never found the right time to bake it.  Tonight is the night to try it out.  The recipe calls for desiccated coconut which is an ingredient I always have in my pantry.  Desiccated coconut is  coconut meat which has been shredded or flaked and then dried to remove as much moisture as possible and they are available in any Asian groceries store.  


These little cakes are so good freshly out of the oven.  All I did it to sprinkle a bit of sugar powder on top and they sure look delicious.


These little cakes are also perfect for Breakfast with a hot cup of coffee to start the day!


Close up look at the coconut cupcakes. 


Preparation work..

Eggs and sugar are combined in a large bowl.

The mixture is beaten until thick pale and forming a ribbon.

Once the mixture is fluffy, flour is added and folded into to egg mixture.

Next, desiccated coconut is added into the batter and mixed well.

Melted butter is added into to batter and then it will be refrigerated for 20 minutes or until the mixture is thick.

After 20 minutes in the fridge the mixture is spooned into muffins tin.

filling the batter two-third full and then they will go in the oven.

Freshly out of the oven... 

The cupcakes are removed from the molds and then cool off.

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