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Braised Duck with Picholine olives - 7/23/08


A braised dish is not really a dish you can whip up at the last minute!  Braising takes time so this dish needs to be planned ahead before cooking.  It is actually a good dish if you are having a party because the actual cooking and prep time is about 15/20 minutes and then the dish goes into the oven for 2 hours unattended leaving you with those 2 hours to cook and prepare other dishes.  You can also cook the dish the night before and reheat it at the last minute.

This recipe is from Daniel Boulud, the famous French Chef and Restaurateur with Restaurants in New York City, Palm Beach, Miami and Las Vegas.  He is best known for his eponymous restaurant "Daniel" in New York City.

The duck came out to be moist and very tasty. The sauce is also very good.


I served the dish with spaghetti with fried garlic but it is as good with plain white rice. 


Preparation work...

Duck's Legs cleaned and patted dry.


Here I seasoned the duck with salt, pepper, paprika, and onion powder.


Cooking the bacon


The bacon is now crisp and ready to use in the dish.

Searing the duck's legs

The duck's legs are seared but the inside still raw.  Searing just give the meat a nice color.

Picholine green olive

Once the duck is seared and put a side, onion is added to the pan and sautéed until translucent, garlic is added and cooked briefly to release their fragrance.  Then the duck's legs are added back to the pot with carrots, green olives, and crisped bacon.

I decided at the last minutes to also add some black olives to the dish because I did not have enough green olives.

Chicken stock is then added to the pot.  Once the pot is boiling then the whole pot will got in the over for about tow hours so all the flavors will blend nicely together.


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