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Caramelized apples Financiers - 8/31/09

The rich French Tea cake aptly called Financiers is a sponge batter made with ground almonds blended with brown butter and egg whites.  When baked they are soft and springy with a slightly domed top and crusty finish.  Traditionally baked in rectangular molds, which I usually do but this time I wanted the dessert to have a different look so I chose to baked them in a Savarin mold and then filled the center of the hole with caramelized apples   

The combination of the caramelized apples to the Financiers gave a really nice twist to a traditional tea cake. 


Before serving the cakes I re-warmed the cake in the oven for a few minutes and then re-heated the apples... It was so good.  This dessert is also good with a scoop of ice cream

These little cakes are also perfect for Breakfast with a hot cup of coffee to start the day!

Close up look at the coconut cupcakes. 


Preparation work..

Beurre noisette/Brown butter

Butter is placed in a sauce pan and slowly melted over medium heat.

The butter is cooked gently until the milk solids are turned golden brown.  until Here the milk solids are forming on top but they are still very white

The butter is turning into an amber color and should starting to smell nutty.

Here the butter has reached the right amber color.  It takes about 5 minutes for the butter to turned to golden brown.

Egg whites and confectioner's sugar are added in a large bowl and whipped until well mixed.

Next, ground almond are added and well mixed.

Adding flour to the batter and well mixed

Once the batter is well mixed, brown butter is added. 

Pouring the brown butter slowly into the batter and mixed well.

The batter is then refrigerated for a least a good hour.

In the mean time, I am peeling, coring and cutting the apples into small dices.

All the apples are diced and ready to be cooked.

Melting butter on a pan and then the apples are added to the pan.

Sugar are added to pan and the apples are sautéed until soft.

Once the apples are caramelized I am added 1/4 cup of Grand Marnier

Cooking until all  the alcohol has evaporated and then the apples are kept aside.

Filling the batter into Savarin molds.  The are ready to go in the oven for about 15 minutes.

Freshly out of the oven.. Once the cakes has cooled down, caramelized apples are spooned into the center.


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