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"lomi" Style Salmon Tartare with brown butter vinaigrette -7/30/08

I saw this recipe in one of my cookbook and right away I wanted to try it out. This recipe is from Ming Tsai who is an American Fusion Cuisine Chef. I usually stay away from Fusion cuisine but decide to try this recipe out.  Lomi is a smoked Salmon, tomato and onion Salad from Hawaii.  Here Ming Tsai basically kept the main ingredients of a Lomi dish but give it a twist with the brown butter vinaigrette.

The base is made with a crisped layer of rice accentuated with sesame seeds and toasted Nori sheet topped with Salmon tartare and drizzled in a warm brown butter vinaigrette.  The vinaigrette actually has a very interesting flavor combining butter with orange juice, ginger, Dijon mustard.  The flavor are well balanced.


Preparation work

The Salmon is cut in small cubes.

The Salmon is diced and put into a bowl

Next the tomato is also cut into small cubes.

Thinly sliced scallions, diced tomato are added to the Salmon

Next the salmon mixture is then seasoned with salt, lime juice, and a few dash of hot pepper.

Cooked rice seasoned with coarse salt is then put into a mold.

Sesame seeds and Nori sheet are added and pressed into the bottom of the rice cake.

The rice cake is searing on the hot pan until the bottom is very crispy.

Once the bottom is crispy I am filling the mold with the salmon tartare.

The vinaigrette is made with melted butter (cooked until brown), fresh orange juice, shallots, ginger, Dijon mustard, sugar, salt and pepper.  All the ingredients are then added to the blender for a smooth texture. 


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