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Individual Tarte Normande - 1/25/09


Today is a cold Sunday afternoon and I am cozying up on my couch reading a book.

Hoa asked: "So what are we having for dessert tonight?"   Dessert? I responded! You want some dessert for tonight? 

I did not plan to make any dessert for the evening but right now dessert sound pretty tempting.  Sure... I will make something, I said!

 I was debating either to make a chocolate soufflé or Tarte Normande but since I had I had a bunch of ripe apples that needed to be eaten very soon I settled on making a bunch of individual Tarte Normande.

Tarte Normande is basically a Pate Sucrée shell filled with custard and ripe chunk of Apples.

Hoa and I we could not wait until dinner to eat them, so we sat down around 4:00Pm and enjoy the tart with a hot cup of coffee.  Let me tell you that the tart hit the right spot!  I think we savored every crumb of it, we wanted to have seconds but we were able to resist to temptation!

  It is specially delicious as the tarts were still warm and freshly out of the oven. 

Close up of the tarts.


Preparation work..

Apples are peeled and cored and cut into chuncks.

Most of the time I always have a batch of pâte sucrèe in the fridge so I thaw it, roll it and lined my molds.  Here I am blind baking, meaning I am using weights (beans/rice) so that  the dough so it does not puff up.

10 minutes in the over and I am removing the weights and the shells will be put aside while I am making the custard.

Eggs, eggs white and sugar are mixted

and beaten until well mixed.

Next cream and milk are added and voila the custard is done.

The apples are added to the shell and custard is poured in.

They will go in the oven for about 40 minutes or so.

Freshly out of the oven.

The tarts are unmold and put on a cooler rack and ready to be served.


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